Bob Marley - Exodus

Exodus was such an important part of my childhood and I never quite understood its importance until later in life. This is one of the most inspiring albums sonically and the story behind it is mindblowing.

"somebody that looks
like me"

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced

I always consider this album the one that taught me to sing. Once I got into rock n roll, this album really inspired me because Hendrix is somebody that looks like me and that’s not found often in the rock scene.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country

CCR also holds a special place for me. I was raised on that southern rock and Fogerty’s vocals really helped me learn how to sing similarly which helped me early on in my music career.

"I was raised on that
southern rock"

Sam Cooke - Sam Cooke Live at The Harlem Square Club

There is no live performance that I have found more impactful. This album really inspires my live performance and I hope to make a live album like this one day.

"one of the coolest things
I have ever heard"

U-Roy - Original DJ

I discovered this album on accident, but it was one of the coolest things I have ever heard. Most of his songs are sampling Bob Marley but all of them have such a good vibe to them.

Pastor T.L. Barrett - Like a Ship

This is one of the best gospel albums I have ever heard. And was a big inspiration for some of our new album.

Bob Marley - Confrontation

You can probably tell I’m a big Marley fan but I continue my picks with this great album. This album has some kind of energy to it that, no matter how sad I am feeling, always manages to put me in a better mood.

Anderson.Paak - Malibu

This album has such a great energy to it and is also one of those albums you put on when it’s a sunny day and you’ve got the windows rolled down. It never ceases to bore me and Paak’s voice really carries the whole project home.


Reign LaFreniere is Bluphoria’s lead vocalist and lead guitarist.