Matt Johnston and Steven Kedie grew up across from each other on a cul-de-sac in South Manchester. In the thirty-something years they’ve known each other they’ve spent thousands of hours discussing bands and albums. They agree on the importance of Arctic Monkeys, passionately love The Strokes' debut, and, after much debate, Matt has finally come to understand the brilliance of The Beatles. They don’t agree, and it seems never will, on Pink Floyd or Bruce Springsteen. Both believe that an album, whoever it’s by, can change a person. The right album, at the right time, can create memories and moments, that last forever. The impact of these albums is the reason Eight Albums has been created. Matt and Steven hope Eight Albums will allow you to enjoy and appreciate the importance of the album and to share stories and histories of albums that mean something to you. And finally, through the stories of others, discover something new. Enjoy the site. And feel free to submit your albums today.